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ELI5 Explain Like I'm 5: Bite sized answers to stuff you should know about - in a mini podcast

Aug 28, 2020

When scientists say an eagle can see a rabbit in a field from a mile away, what do eagles actually see. Is their vision automatically more zoomed in? Do they have better than 20/20 vision? Why is 20/20 vision not perfect eye sight? Could I buy glasses that improve my vision beyond 20/20?


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Aug 21, 2020

Why did the Russian team arrive at the 1908 olympics 12 days late? How does the whole world agree on what day and date it is? Why did the Pope step in to replace the Julian calendar? Why is 2000 a leap year but 2100 isn't? What was the most recent country to adopt the Gregorian calendar.


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Aug 14, 2020

Why are nursery rhymes so morbid? Is Ring Around the Rosie really based on the bubonic plague? Why were they used as anti-authority memes? Where does the term Mother Goose rhymes come from?


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Aug 7, 2020

When I pluck a hair out of my forehead, the area hurts a lot, but I can reduce the pain to nearly zero simply by briefly rubbing the area. Why is this? What is the gate control theory? Why do some hairs grow only grow to a certain length (like our eyebrows), while others grow forever?

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